April 21: The Last Day To Get Your Dallas Internet Marketing Game Together Before Mobilegeddon

By Terrance G Kern on April 16, 2015


Mobile functions have been a major player in Google’s algorithm for years now, becoming increasingly Internet Marketingimpactful year over year. But some sites have continued to get away with not being mobile friendly in their Dallas internet marketing campaigns and website design. No more!

If you haven’t prepared before, it’s time to pick up the slack now. You only have a few days left before Google’s Mobilegeddon. Up until now, it has been difficult to say what Google considers “mobile friendly” or not. Now they are drawing a hard line though, and you are either in or out. There is no half way or “okay” when it comes to being mobile friendly. While Google has not released all of the tiny details of the newest algorithm, it will be rolled out worldwide within a matter of a few days.

Mobilegeddon Will Have A Bigger Impact On Dallas Internet Marketing Than Panda Or Penguin

If you’re wondering about the impact of this mobile revolution, it is bigger than any algorithm update Dallas internet marketing services have seen in years. In fact, according to some experts, it may be the most impactful update that Google has ever released. For those sites that are not meeting requirements, whether in coding style or otherwise, the impact will be severe.

Some estimate that over 60% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices. This means that 60% of Google searches (and growing) are directly affected by a user’s ability to see the site, uploadmarketing online it quickly and effectively, and navigate to subpages. You can see why Google considers this to be so important.

It won’t stop at sites. If Google continues (as they most likely will), they will soon start factoring mobile apps and other non-traditional results into search rankings.

Work With Dallas Internet Marketing Services To Ensure That Your SIte Is Mobile Friendly

If you have already spent the time, money, and effort to make your site mobile-friendly, then great, especially if you are showing mobile-friendly indicators online. But if you have yet to consult with Dallas internet marketing services about or create your own mobile strategy, time is running out.

Even if you have gone through the steps, do a quick run through. Double check to make sure that the mobile version of your site is active and ready. More companies want to have a site that looks the same on computers and mobile devices, but many successful sites do well with mobile sites that are hosted separately from their main site. You will also want to make sure that Google spiders are crawling your mobile site. The “m.” in front of many sites on mobile devices may not seem significant, but it will become extremely problematic if it is not indexing properly after April 21. If Google doesn’t see your mobile site, it may as well not exist.

Finally, make a run through your site. Click on sub pages, see how long they take to load. Yes, your main page looks great. But if you cannot navigate effectively through your own site, how are your buyers supposed to? Your main page does not always reflect the mobile friendliness of your whole site.

April 21 May Be The Biggest Algorithm Update So Far For Dallas Internet Marketing Services, But It Won’t Be The Last

If you have been a part of Dallas internet marketing for any length of time, you know that there is nothing that you can depend on with Google algorithms except change. Google will always change, evolve, and update to try to improve the user’s search experience in some way or another. This has included multiple mobile updates before including adjustments for mobile friendly coding, voice led searches, and other trends that determine the overall effectiveness of keywords.

If you don’t have a mobile ready site by April 21, your site will fall behind and you will have to do a lot of catching up. This could have a painful impact on your business as your search ability takes a nosedive.

You don’t necessarily need a dedicated full time mobile team just yet. But you do need experts that you can rely on to test your site, redesign certain elements as needed, and ensure that your site is mobile friendly for now and for years to come.

Your site will never be completely finished. It will continue to be an ongoing project as long as Google is around. But that’s just part of the game. Sites that continue to stay ahead of the game with Google simply have the right players at the controls. Are you one of them?

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